Neeraj Dahiya

CEO (Tangent Inc)

I must say that SBeta Technology™ is one of the best IT company. I have worked with SBeta Technology™ is the ultimate solution provider for ecommerce solutions because of their professional approach and prompt service. I am very much pleased to write this testimonial for them. We are excited and thrilled about the final outcome of the product. It has everything in it and much more than what we expected. Great job SBeta team and thank you guys!

Aryan Khan

Film Actor (Afghanistan)

Working with Satyendra Branwal and the SBeta Technology™ team was an outstanding experience. Communication was strong at every stage of development. The team went above and beyond to deliver as promised and more! We are very glad to have work with everyone there, and look forward to future projects together.

Sebastian Gutierrez Duarte


SBeta Technology™ provided us with a robust and cost effective means of achieving our development objectives. Initially, we were apprehensive about using off-shore resources, but our concerns were quickly relieved as our project began to take shape. The engineers and project managers at SBeta Technology™ proved to be thoroughly competent and professional. Over time, they became a valued extension of our team.

Abul Malik


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with the quality of work carried out by the professional SEO team of SBeta Technology™. For the past 2 years, I have been experiencing SBeta Technology™ SEO marketing services for my newly launched product and it really penetrated into product within short span of time. Working with them has been exceptional and they have a great product line up at affordable prices. To simply put it, these folks can handle it in the best possible way!

Vivek Gohlan

CEO (Warranty Asia Pvt Ltd)

SBeta Technology™ has demonstrated to us that they are the team of highly dedicated and commited professionals that brings a wealth of knowledge and experince to their clients. They tackles challenges and gets to the source of technical issues quickly. SBeta Technology™ professionals are respected team players and works with others easily.

Aditya Kumar

CEO (Cottage Nirvana)

I have been skeptical of the outsource model, having always built up strong internal teams to do development. I recently tried working with SBeta Technology™ and was very pleasantly surprised. SBeta Technology™ provided skilled resources who proved to be very dedicated to executing my projects, often putting in long hours and producing high quality work. They adapted to my company's way of managing projects and providing status updates, and any concerns I had were always remedied quickly and professionally.

Gaurav Adarsh

MD (Adarsh Namkeen)

SBeta Technology™ consistent delivery of mission critical projects on time and within budget is the reason we continue to look to them for all our development needs. Their client responsiveness, flexibility and attention to quality have given us a very positive outsourcing experience and one that has lasted for multiple years