Clean India-Our CSR Initiative

Expeditions for Cause "EFC"

Clean India-Our CSR Initiative

We all are bounded by collective consciousness called "INDIA".

Expeditions for Cause is movement by the people and for the people of India . We wish to create a human chain of people who dedicate at least 15mins every day for creating awareness on some National Priorities.
We strongly believe that education and awareness on subject can create a change. "Together we can change Our Country & Our World"
Our Objectives : Creating awareness on various issues through series of Expeditions.

Plan Ahead : Brief Details

Expedition1 : (Awareness Campaign on Littering )
Nov 2014 - Swachh Bharat Driving Expedition covering 5000 + km , 20+ Cities 50+ Tourist Sites and touching Millions of People. Creating Awareness on cleanliness and promoting "Do Not Litter" Message.
Expedition2 : (Clean Ganga - Life Line of India) Feb 2015 - Swachh Bharat Raft / Country Boat / Boat Expedition on Ganga : Boating down on Holy River Ganga (a Liqud Highaway) from DevPrayag / Rishikesh to Varanasi . Creating awareness on clean Ganga a Life line of India.