Java - an object oriented programming language, is one of the most popular technologies used for developing various desktop/web applications. It is widely used to develop customized software, E-Commerce applications, web portals and mobile applications. Our Java developers make use of the various web development frameworks, programming languages, and tools to offer scalable and attractive Java-based solutions.

Hidden Brains offers imperative hire Java developer services at affordable prices. Our team of Java developers possesses strong skills in SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, XML/XML scheme and HTTP specifications. Utilizing the Java technologies, our expert programmers develop client-server applications, J2EE applications, web services, e-commerce applications, and enterprise applications for our global clientele.

  1. Technical Expertise of Our Java Programmers

    1. JDK and J2EE
    2. JDBC
    3. Java Swing
    4. Java Server Pages
    5. xmlParse
    6. Eclipse
    7. Java Struts
    8. JSF
    9. Enterprise Java Beans
    10. Netbeans
    11. MySQL
    12. Apache